Beyond the Routine

Beyond the Routine, hosted by well-known performance trainers and health and wellness experts Betina and Nic Shimonek, takes listeners beyond the workouts and gets real about life. The husband and wife duo go deep into their health and wellness practices, how they find balance and joy as a growing family, and share their knowledge as experts at the top of their field. From training professional athletes to chasing a toddler around airports, they keep things fun and informative. On this weekly podcast, listeners discover tips for leading a healthier life, hear interviews with leading experts, get inspired by Betina and Nic’s parenting and relationship stories, and follow their career journeys.

Nic Shimonek is a sports performance coach, former NFL quarterback, father, and husband. Betina Gozo Shimonek is a Nike global trainer, fitness and wellness expert, mother, wife, 2x women's strength training book author, prenatal/postpartum fitness specialist, and proud Filipino.